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In defense of Establishment of a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) on Brazilian 2014 the Public Administration World Cup spending and a greater supervision of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) transactions

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In defense of Establishment of a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) on Brazilian 2014  the Public Administration World Cup spending  and a greater supervision of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) transactions

During a commentary in the plenary on Germany the rout over Brazil 1-7 during the 2014 World Cup 2014 semi-final, Senator Alvaro Dias stressed the importance of the results obtained by the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) on Football, done in 2000/2001 in the Senate and which was chaired by him. The senator recalled that the commission of inquiry into football revealed a number of financial crimes committed by athletic directors (like tax evasion, crime against national tax law, a crime against the financial system), and led to the prosecution
 of 17 major club owners (in portuguese “cartolas”) Brazilians. For senator, although since that time there already tired complaint about corruption in football, still lacking oversight over the use of public resources in the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

"The rout suffered yesterday by the national team against Germany is the scenario of the declination of our football. The cause is corruption and promiscuity in the administration of football in Brazil. In 2001, Football CPI, installed in the Senate revealed that. This was a meritorious action of Congress, and we needed someone from afar, of Europe, a BBC journalist from London, Andrew Jennings, writing a book called An increasingly dirty game to reveal that the CPI Football, installed in the Senate Federal, was responsible for the fall of Ricardo Teixeira's presidency of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). And that CPI was not only responsible for this decline. She gave investigations in Switzerland that led to the deposition of CBF. The CPI has indicted 17 major Brazilian major club owners (in portuguese “cartolas”). Denounced blemishes, irregularities and corruption, so a selection of offenses committed in the administration of football in Brazil was reported by that committee of inquiry, allowing for the establishment of the necessary legal procedures, criminal lawsuits filed today in federal court, "said Senator.
As highlighted Alvaro Dias, CPI Football, which ran in the Senate, produced, for example, the Statute of the Fan, which allows the arrest of vandals in stadiums and scalpers, among other actions. One of the benefits generated by that CPI was also the production of legislation the responsibility of the national sport, that greater transparency and possible civil and criminal liability of the head of sport, which began to respond with your own assets for any reckless and dishonest managements . Also as a result of this CPI, recovered for the public purse more than £ 160 million, due to complaints that were filed with the competent organs.
Still in his speech, Senator Alvaro Dias argued that the new Congress will come out of the polls in 2015 and assume install a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry to investigate the spending of the World Cup in Brazil.
"How could we forget this waste of public money, even if Brazil were victorious? We're not in this gallery recalling that denounce the excesses so often, over time, because Brazil lost, but because it is the responsibility of people to take action when the grisly events occur, such as have occurred. We can not collude, we can not be complacent, we can not be complicit in the corrupt and opportunists who took advantage of this fantastic event, international repercussions, to steal before a country in need of health, education, security and respect. A CPI to investigate the expenses including the World Cup would be an antidote to what may occur in relation to the 2016 Olympic Games. We should not forget that the Brazilian people are paying that bill of the 2014 World Cup without being able to pay, "concluded Senator Alvaro Dias.

 Defesa de instalação de uma CPI para os gastos da Copa, e maior fiscalização sobre ações da CBF

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