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CHECK OUT "Career Is Marked By Eliana Calmon Impact Statements And Pens To Fight Corruption"

Career Is Marked By Eliana Calmon Impact Statements And Pens To Fight Corruption
Not coincidentally, the minister stood firm on the attempt of the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Cezar Peluso, to make her recant a National Council meeting on Tuesday. Eliana refused to apologize and, true to his style, criticized the council’s decision of releasing a statement repudiating the statements he made about bandits who “hide behind the robes.” The minister said he did not intend to generalize the charges.
“There was a disproportionate response”
The term “robed thugs” would be directed to specific judges demonstrably involved in irregularities.
– I think there was a disproportionate response from the Council – said the Globe.
Eliana came to the court in 1999 and among its political patrons, was Senator Antônio Carlos Magalhães (DEM-BA), now deceased. But before long the minister show that ties to the political world was only a contingency on the way to a magistrate court. In 2006, Eliana signed the arrest warrants for all those investigated in Operation Dominoes.
Among those arrested were two robins: the President of the Court of Rondônia, Judge Sebastiao Teixeira Chaves, one of its judges and assistants, Jose Jorge Ribeiro da Luz The decision broke a taboo. It was the first time in the country in which a judge, chief justice, an experienced pair of handcuffs on charges of corruption.
The following year, again showed that Eliana was not messing around in the STJ. Only a pen, ordered the arrest of more than 40 investigated in Operation Razor.
Among those arrested, one of the most resounding police operations, was a former governor, a congressman, two mayors, businessmen and senior civil servants. The investigations resulted in the resignation of Minister of Mines and Energy, Silas Rondeau, political protege of President of the Senate, Jose Sarney (PMDB-AP). The noise did not stop there. In the same operation, the minister ordered the removal of the deputy director of the Federal Police Zulmar Pimentel until the completion of investigations.
Later, Pimentel was acquitted, but Eliana wanted to clear path for the delegates if they had the autonomy to further research.
– She is a determined, brave. I remember it since it was federal judge in federal court of 1st Region. She has always been strong – he pours himself the president of the National Association of Prosecutors, Alexander Camanho.
Critical to the annulment of Sand Castle
Before the statements “robed thugs”, the minister took another ball split. She recently criticized the decision to withdraw co-STJ Operation Sand Castle, one of the largest Federal Police investigations into fraud in public works and cash from two election campaigns. Dissenting voice in court, the minister made it clear that decisions of this nature hinder the fight against corruption.
– She’s the best of Brazil magistrate. The country would be better if there were others like her – said Joaquim Mesquita, PF superintendent of Goiás
But he turned a kind of icon among prosecutors, police and even among judges of first instance, Eliana Calmon collects enemies in the courts. Because of statements about the Sand Castle, the minister fell out with the former president of the STJ Asfora Cesar Rocha. She also had a strong confrontation with the current president of the court, Ari Pargendler. She vehemently opposed the nomination of Judge Tourinho Neto for a slot in the National Council of Justice.
Pargendler sought a negotiated solution, but was interrupted by the minister. Since then, the two are broken. Colleagues to court, missing a hip to the Minister. They also argue that in court affairs, Eliana Calmon would not be so strict.
– She plays to the audience – a minister says disaffection.

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