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Gilberto Martins Borges Filho
Ricardo Correia Borges
Dorival José Borges
Raquel Alvarenga dos Santos- Journalist  
João Maciel - Revisor/Translator

At celebrating Minas Conspiracy for Independence
 Day the population annoyed with their political representatives, got together and went outside doors to demonstrate their indignation with the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Powers and, up to now, emphasize that nothing has changed, despite those fake on-stage promises.

It’s important to make some reflections concerning to that historical fact with the aid of some updated interpretations, even without intending to go any deeper.
Nevertheless, an intriguing feature pops up: “Why only Tiradentes was hanged?”
For having a small patrimony and little purchasing power among the rebels, we question: “Was him some kind of scapegoat?” He was the only one that didn’t deny his participation in the conspiracy and assumed to be a conspirator against the Portuguese Royal Crown.

Andre Figueiredo Rodrigues, São Paulo’s historiographer, in his book “A Fortuna dos Inconfidentes” (Unconfidents’ Wealth) reveals some features of the movement born in Minas Gerais, destroying part of their set of ideas.   
“Tiradentes was one of those rebels”. According to the book’s author, a large amount of papers and old law-suits affirm that the explosive new is the fact that “corruption paid all bills” with the money of the Portuguese Crown.
By the way, this is a characteristic of republicans, nowadays. The insurrection was a reaction of Brazil-Colony against hateful taxes.
According to the reports, the book reveals that a supposed big quantity of possessions assigned to the rebels represented just a tiny part of their real patrimony. “Everything that was possible to hide, they hid.”

Moreover, it’s wrong to assert that the gang of 24 condemned by disloyalty crimes against Portuguese Royal Crown was composed of simple and poor people only.

 “Nowadays”, states Arruda Junior, “the gangs on service that actuate under the Seal of Justice and wearing a toga gown, allied to the traffic of influence that contaminate the Powers, the glamour of impunity, the venality of the legal judgment, the game of blackmailing and the illicit enrichment of the Organized Crime and White Collar gangs are destroying Justice, and mining the institutional bases of the democratic society that one wants to implant and consolidate.”

This reality has powered the discussion about political reorganization, unsuccessful cases and the diseases produced by the malfunction of our political system. This does not occur with the Judiciary.
Among Republic Powers, Justice is the most closed, locked and hidden one. Brazilian people can’t cross Court labyrinths and watch what happens into their backstage, which is ill-defined and nebulous, and smells to harmful stuff for the State funds.

Minister Eliane Calmon, Chief Magistrate of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), have emphasized the existence of corruption schemes enclosing members of the Justice system and created an abnormal concept for the phenomenon she called “Bandits in Toga Vests”.  

CNJ is the unique instance of control, competent enough to investigate the criminal behavior of judges, of the kind: “Do you know who I am?” that show almost impossible chances of being punished. Corporative resistances try to cover up the sins that tear down the confidence of Brazilian people on our Justice system.
When CNJ “dared” to fulfill its role and duty, identifying judges and schemes of criminal handling of processes, this fact strongly disgusted all those individuals enveloped in that corporative system.   

As an example, measured the correct proportions, the matter SIMCOL is very significant, just like the operations named: Castelo de Areia, Satiagraha, Boi Barrica, and so many others.
‘SIMCOL’ is a minor case, and for this reason it deserves a special attention, as it happened with the northeastern citizen, Gilberto Martins Borges.  From the “caatinga” backwoods of Oiti de Cima, on top of the Serra das Matas de Tamboril, he was graduated Army Sergeant and certified Economist by the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). By that time he founded SIMCOL, a Construction Company that built, among other projects, about three thousand type “B” residences along 40 years of hard work.
During 20 years he has fought to maintain intact his patrimony which is sub judice, being carved and reduced by hidden and strange forces.

From Economist he turned to a struggler for life, a fighter, a self-taught lawyer to recover his patrimony and honor his accumulated debts, which patrimony is being wrecked by judicial transactions excessively suspicious and by outraged laws minimized by means of requests formally created and absurd pleads, demeaning the importance of the Right and Laws; an unrespectful chaos of whom wants to devaluate the Law and the extent of the Right.

The application of the law that they make to prevail is against dignity, against honor and against the character of Brazilian citizens.

SIMCOL issue is an example of the kind of (in)justice that dishonored Magistrates make value to cheat and deceive the population. It is the manipulated Right of a Duty never fulfilled.
They want to extract from the debtor what he wants to pay, by the way, contrary to the research about Minas Rebellion, when the Crime of Injure-Majesty was verified, considering the existence of a Rule of Laws, that seems to be unacceptable, in the current days, therefore, in contrast of what is registered by the historians.

The disfigurement of the law and the grotesque frauds are true and intentional offenses to the most elementary procedural norms, made in such a vulgar way of communicating that stain the essence of the right, the facts and the reason, by itself. This manipulation, that lasts more than twenty years, against which he keeps on fighting fearlessly.

Based on what was mentioned above, Gilberto Martins Borges compiled an extensive material that he is now turning public and presenting to all means of communication, showing — on this day of Minas Conspiracy — its causes and consequences.



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